Friday, 7 October 2011

Second Year Applied Theatre students welcomed playwright Dennis Kelly

Today, the Second Year Applied Theatre students welcomed playwright Dennis Kelly to their rehearsal for the upcoming 'A-Political Cabaret' at the Dolche Vita. Dennis spent the afternoon with the students discussing playwrighting, focusing on political theatre as well as life as a theatre practitioner.

As this module is the first time many of the students have attempted to write anything for the theatre, they had many questions for him on how to begin and how to know whether or not something is 'good.' He advised that when you have an idea for a play - whether it is a character, theme or scene, then start from there and not to censor yourself while creating. And do get feedback from the work, though whether you take the advice or not is up to you. But if you hear it from enough people, it might be something to consider.

Kelly is an incredibly humble and generous person. The students threw a lot at him but he responded in ways that made sense to the students and gave them a way forward. The students commented that they came away from the discussion much more motivated and secure in their own creativity.

'A-Political Cabaret' is an evening of New Writing Theatre that presents an ambitious programme reflecting the ongoing local, national & global political situation at St. Mary's University College. The performances will include a mixture of play texts, poetry reading, song, forum theatre, verbatim theatre and much more. A-Political Cabaret needs productions that are radical and have a unique take on current events.

Throughout the Autumn & Winter, A-Political Cabaret will be creating regular performances with and for St. Mary's Students and the community. This is an opportunity to showcase new work in a public forum. It serves as Legislative Theatre, where the students not only have an opportunity to present work to their peers, there are also drama lecturers, heads of department and St. Mary's management there to listen to their opinions. This gives the students an unpresendented opportunity to discuss things with people who shape their futures.

The next shows are on 25 November and 16 December at 6pm at the Dolche Vita coffee shop on campus.

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