Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Topics for Discussion in Preparation for African Exchange:

Each student will produce a 20 minute presentation the following topics:

Human Rights: Children’s rights / Women’s Rights (UK & Africa)

Gender Equality / Balance in the UK. What are women’s experiences of equality & balance in the UK? (Including, amongst other topics, Safer Sex negotiation). This must involve primary research into your & your friends’ knowledge & experiences in the subject matter as well as secondary research.

TfaC’s target audiences, exercises, games & songs

The important political and sociological issues arising from ‘Westerners’ working in Africa

Drama in health education (history, UK, Africa, interactive theatre, radio programmes, etc...)

Behaviour Change

Bottom-up policy making & Top-down policy making – pros & cons of each

The effectiveness of specific development programmes in Africa (Does aid work?)

Overview on the country of Malawi (including language lesson in Chichewa)

Leadership & Social Change – what do _we_ (SMUC students & staff) need to ‘bring to the table’ to make our time with TfaC a true ‘exchange’ of practice rather than ‘Developmental Tourism’?

HIV / Aids (history including myths / spread / etc...)

HIV / Aids (prevention (ABC’s) / treatment / cure? – including testing)

HIV / Aids (societal effects – including women’s rights / gay rights / etc...)

HIV / Aids (UK v. Malawi)

The relationship between Gender and HIV (UK & Africa)#

Participatory approaches to Development

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