Thursday, 2 February 2012

The mechanics of the radio programme

We will be broadcasting from the radio station on campus to anyone listening on their internet radio. We will ask the spect-actors to call in when they have an idea of how to change the outcome of our touch tag play. Those who call will be placed in a cue and we will return their call via Skype [the technology does not exist in our radio station to have people call directly in or out of the radio station].

As with the subject matter that is being discussed in the play, I have also greatly enjoyed watching my students wrestle with the mechanics of how such a play could be produced given our limited resources and the fact that this has never been attempted before at St. Mary's.

The students' faces twist in thought and concentration as they work out the mathematics of how we can get the audience to participate [believe me, it is no easy task as I too have wrestled with these same difficulties along side them]. But they have persevered and prospered.

This first broadcast will certainly be a test run, though we do plan to thoroughly dress rehearse it with the students listening online and spect-acting to test the technology & our reaction to it. I hope that this initial run might spawn more of the same with the students taking full ownership of the programme as it is a student run radio station. And, although part of their Theatre for Development module, wouldn't it be a wonderful thing if they took off & ran with it?!!

One the night of the performance, we hope that the spect-actors will call in from the comfort of their own dorm or flats. We will also have classrooms open to the public with internet radio & Skype access alongside room facilitators who will work with the audience listening and help them 'jump in and take over' one of the roles.

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