Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Theatre for Development Programme - Reflection on 2011 / 2012

Looking back on the year of this module, these students have created a massive amount of very innovative theatre. They broke new ground in the radio programme and in their two interactive theatre pieces. I am very proud of this work that each contributed to. The learning curve was huge in each project that they worked on in this module – something that I take great pride in with this group.   The radio programme was put together very quickly and with great success even though it was the first time for all of us to produce such a piece of interactive theatre. The plays were tightly written and suitable for forum theatre. The liaising that went with the Multi-Media team was good & successful. The interaction with the audiences seemed successful. As a listener, I was pleased with the actors’ ‘antagonism’ although the interventions on the part of the listeners were a bit ‘theatrical’ [I think there is something about the familiarity of the actors as well as being ‘live’ on the radio]. I thought the Jokering was very very strong as well as the producing & actioning of the programme.

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