Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Assessed Element of the Theatre for Development Module

The assessed element of the Theatre for Development module for the students consists of a performance of a piece of Forum Theatre and the delivery of drama workshops whilst on their workplacement in South Africa.  
The subject matter of the Forum Theatre pieces is ‘Gender Balance & Safer Sex.’  This devised play will include the students’ personal research of your own and friends' stories as well as seeking professional advice & guidance on the subject matter that is chosen.
The students have begun devising their pieces and are focusing on three themes that stem from ‘Gender Balance & Safer Sex’.  They include family relationships, work relationships and peer pressure around sexual relationships.  These plays are based on personal experience, research conducted via anonymous surveys and professional guidance.
The workshops will be created during their time in the workplacement and in consultation with the community in which they are delivered.  For instance, the students will need to speak with the principal of Amawushe School in Kwazula Natal to see what sort of activity will be appropriate for the workshops.  The goal of them will be a community performance on our last day of the placement with the full support of the community.

Last year, the performance included a wonderful intervention by the community chief who, during a piece of Forum Theatre, took on the role of the school's principal and tried to sort out the difficulties that were facing the students at the time.  He commented that it was an experience that he was not expecting and that showed him a side of students that he had never seen before.  It is our goal to have the same sort of awareness raising this year as last.

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