Thursday, 24 September 2015

Who We Are:

Matthew Hahn and Rebecca Bogue have worked with a variety of communities (school children, the disabled, recovering drug addicts, young girls in danger of becoming sex workers, sex workers attempting to better their circumstances and others) using interactive theatre to examine behaviour as well as how to rebalance power amongst personal, professional and social relationships. This has led to successful behaviour change on a personal level as well as legislative change from those who hold power/

Recent organisations Hahn and Bogue have facilitated interactive Forum theatre to develop and advocate include the following organisations:  Amnesty International; Disabled People Against Cuts [DPAC] - directed & facilitated forum theatre in the Houses of Parliament as part of a presentation advocating for the rights of the disabled in the United Kingdom; LLC Social Enterprise – facilitated a number of interactive Forum theatre workshops for volunteer counsellors working in drug & alcohol rehabilitation; University of West London – facilitated a number of workshops for students in the Substance Use and Misuse Studies, School of Psychology.

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