Friday, 21 October 2016

The Common Air Project’s Offer:

The Methodology:

These participatory approaches to social change offer a structure in which to examine behaviour whilst the community, student group or young people provide the realistic content that is to be examined, with a wide range of possibilities to discover positive changes in individual and institutional behaviour in a variety of settings.  

We will offer partner organisations a flexible range of services from short one-off interactive theatre workshops to longer training courses.  The courses would be tailored to the needs of the organisation and start with a ‘needs assessment’ of that organisation to assure the aims of the workshop are of use to the organisation.

 The methodology, based on Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre, includes games and performances that engage the participants’ use of voice, body and space.   The outcome of the workshops is to make a difference within a specific community through positively changed behaviour when participants, in their day to day lives, encounter conflict and poor communication.  Drawing on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the drama workshops examine and enhance the participants’ esteem needs – achievement, self-respect, respect from others as well as possibilities for self-actualization – thus realising personal potential, self-fulfilment and personal growth.

Key skills developed:

  • Improved verbal and non-verbal Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy
  • Team Work
  • Time Management
  • Independent Thinking
  • Self Confidence

Outcomes for Young People:

        Reduce violence
        Enhance self-esteem
        Build confidence
        Encourage peer collaboration
        Work as individuals within a team
        Enhance Effective Communication Skills & Problem Solving abilities
        Changing Behaviour & Attitudes of Young People
        Delink young people from gang culture
        Introduce Theatre Skills including confidence using voice, body and space
  • Inspire Discipline and Drive
  • Raise self-awareness
·         Improve Critical Thinking skills
·         Develop interviewing and listening skills
·         Improve writing skills (via transcription, journal writing and script-writing)

For more information about the Common Air Project, please visit our website: or contact Matthew Hahn at HAHN@HOTMAILCO.UK or 07816 334 897.

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